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Peterson's Ponies & Registered Haflingers is a family run operation.  Paul and Marsha along with their daughters, son in laws, and grand kids, together we all enjoy the Haflinger breed, rather it be riding or driving these beautiful ponies!! At Peterson's Ponies & Registered Haflingers we breed, raise ,and train our ponies to the best of our ability, we train for riding, and driving, & enjoying.  We use our Haflingers for many farm related tasks such as: discing, plowing,  hauling manure, seeding, mowing, dragging, (other activities), parades, sleigh rides, wagon rides, trail riding, & showing, just to mention a few.  We all got started with ponies at a young age, Grandpa Peterson always farmed with horses, and never got it out of his system, well neither did we.    Grandpa purchased some Shetland ponies and  everyone just loved going to ride and drive the ponies.  Years later we heard about this great new breed of pony, THE HAFLINGER, we immediately fell in love with their conformation, personalities, and the calm nature that they are well known for.  We purchased our first Haflingers in 1994, and as they say the rest is history!!  Our Haflingers are the older drafty style of Haflinger.  Our family is now in our 5th generation of working with horses.  






Last modified: 09/23/2016