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We will be attending the Iowa Horse Fair March 31st - April 2nd, 2017. 

We would love for you to  come on out &

see our handsome stallion Allison of the Valley AD-EL in person.

He will be located in Stallion Avenue H 262 & 263  (same stalls as last year).

Look for our feather flag.  Check our facebook page for updates on show times. 

Iowa Horse Fair Link          www.iowahorsecouncil.org/2017iowa-horse-fair/


Come & meet Big Al at the MN Horse Expo April 28th - 30th.  He will be located in Stallion Avenue stalls:  201-202

(same stalls as last year, located by the main south entrance to the  horse barn then take a left.)

look for our feather flag.

check our facebook page for our show times. 


MN Horse Expo Link www.mnhorseexpo.org



We do offer our Registered Haflinger Stallions to outside mares. 

Please contact if you are interested in a 2018 breeding to one of these handsome stallions.




We are proud to introduce Allison Of The Valley AD-EL  (Big Al)!  He is a proven sire & was shown extensively in his youth. 

He will be a great addition to our herd.  Big Al has a big neck & hip, thick stocky legs,  tons of movement,  Excellent color & with

 a gorgeous white mane & tail!! He is Registered, has his stallion license, & is DNA tested. He is a 2005 model.   He is ready to

 raise some exceptional foals for us.  Big Al stands 60" tall, has a great personality & awesome good looks.








      Pictures taken April 2016


 Allison Of The Valley AD-EL   All-Star Van De Wortel Aberlord Amadeus
Nadesha Nevada
Lucky Lady Mid A Trend Maker NTF Afghan III NTF
P-Carrot NTF
Lucie Michel of NTF

AHR # 26415-05

Breeding License # 2001-08



Click on the links for videos of Big Al

Check out our You Tube Channel for more videos of Big Al  PPRH335

2016 MN Horse Expo coliseum


2016 Iowa Horse Fair pavilion

2016 Iowa Horse Fair Great Oak Equine


2015 Iowa Horse Fair Great Oak Equine

Click here for a brief video of Big Al taken 9-25-14

Click here for a video of Big Al in the round pen taken 9-25-14


Newsmonger MJE


             Pictures taken 9-25-14

Newsmonger MJE is a Registered and Licensed Haflinger stallion.  He is a 1997 model & stands 56" tall.    Newsmonger MJE is just

 GORGEOUS, he has an awesome copper sheen to his coat and passes that on the his foals.  He is an excellent mover, he's got action. 

 Newsmonger has a nice hip and pretty head, and nice correct clean legs.  He passes not only looks and movement  on to his offspring,

but also his great temperament and intelligence. 

Registration # 9246-97

Breeding License #1302-00

Click on links below for a brief video of Newsmonger MJE

Newsmonger MJE Video taken 9-25-14

Newsmonger MJE Roundpen video taken 9-25-14

                                                                                        Napoleon ESQ
                                                                    Newsmaker NTF

                                                                                 B.Winnie Van Brigitte
                                    Nelson News AM
Newsmonger MJE                                                                       Carbonachen

                                     Buttons MJE





Our Great Haflinger stallion McCloud has passed away, he was one of the first Haflingers we ever owned & will forever be one of the best!  Rest In Peace McCloud, we miss you already!!  We are very glad that we have kept several of McCloud's offspring to continue to use in our breeding program. 


McCloud is a Registered and Licensed Haflinger Stallion.  McCloud is a 1987 model, his registration # is 1803-87, Breeding License# 489-90.  McCloud is an excellent sire that puts a BIG HIP & GREAT disposition on his offspring.  He stands 54" tall, and is very stocky with a big thick neck, and nice white blaze.  In his prime McCloud had a big full double mane, he always passes on to his foals a nice white thick mane and tail.  He has sired many great foals, and all are very quick learners. 

Registration #1803-87

Breeding License # 489-90


                           McKeag LDCM
                                                                             Alpen Konig                                                  

McCloud                                                             Anemone

                                                                             Alpen Konig





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